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Sony Ericsson K750i - Picture Perfect


Today’s mobile phone users expect more than just a phone from their new handsets and Sony Ericsson has delivered. The K750i appears to be just another phone, but this slim line, lightweight mobile is packed with unexpected features and the quality we have come to expect from Ericsson.

The K750i, weighing only 99g, is a phone for everyone, everyday. The built-in camera surpasses the quality of its predecessors with quick response time and simple to use on-screen image features. While it still doesn’t compare to a stand-alone digital camera, the Ericsson K750i offers users high quality photos and extended imaging capabilities, as well as the ability to take short video clips.

The usability of the K750i sees great improvements over Ericsson’s previous models. The keypad offers convex shaped keys that are easily distinguishable and a small joystick to navigate the user-friendly menu screens. The interface menu of the phone provides users with more versatility like upgraded text input features. The Ericsson K750i’s display screen is rather small, measuring 1.8”, but its sharp and clear resolution is usually more typical of smart phone handsets.

The Sony Ericsson K750i is definitely the ideal mobile phone for music lovers. Superior MegaBass technology and the internal graphic equalizer produce excellent sound for an ultimate listening experience. The phone is capable of creating play lists for easy access to your favorite tunes and a streamlined music player interface featuring press and hold technology with track skipping options.

Users can take advantage of the K750i’s enhanced sound capabilities by streaming music as well as real-time video to the phone. The only downfall of this model’s music and video functionality is that there is no integrated headphone jack, a separate accessory must be purchased to fully enjoy the Ericsson K750i’s sound.

The technology of the Ericsson K750i compares favorably to other mobile phones on the market. The storage capacity of the phone can be easily expanded with the 64MB memory stick expansion card and files can be transferred between the phone and your PC with the supplied USB cable. The K750i supports a wide variety of file formats and can also function as a FM radio.

The K750i supports both text messaging and email functions through SMS and MMS technology. Though Ericsson failed to include EDGE support, the K750i does include Bluetooth and Infrared technologies for short-range connectivity. This phone also supports JAVA as well as WAP applications for a much better internet experience.

The clarity and reception of the K750i is excellent and the standard battery gives at least six to nine hours of talk time. The phone can remain on standby for up to sixteen days. From enhanced audio quality to productivity tools like the advanced phone book and synchronized calendar, the Sony Ericsson K750i is an ideal mobile phone for business or personal use.

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